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Top 3 Kitesurfing Van Life Blogs

Kite Van Life Blogs - Our top picks

Van life is certainly not new. But kitesurfing van life has exploded in recent times. A combination of the growing popularity of kitesurfing along with a trend to move away from the cities and closer to nature has caused and explosion in the popularity of camper vans.

For some, the European Spring marks the beginning of a pilgrimage that will take them through a variety of kitespots throughout Europe, often parking up right next to the water. The benefits are clear:

  • Low or no accommodation fees
  • A secure place on the beach to keep your stuff whilst you kite
  • In some cases, a hot shower once you're off the water
  • Cooking facilities so you can save on food costs
  • The flexibility to move to other kite spots based on the wind and other factors
  • Social aspects of being parked close to other kite vans

Of course camper vans come with their own costs, but a growing contingent are seeing kitevanlife as a different and exciting way to experience life.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite kite van life blogs, and don't forget if you are looking to kit out your kite van, we have a great selection of kitesurfing van life goodies:

Kite Van Man

Kite Van Man

When he was 30, Tim decided to quit the rat race and and focus on what he really loved. Kitesurfing, travelling, socialising, snowboarding, laughing, loving, running, riding, eating, drinking, dancing, making fires on the beach, sleeping and relaxing. He now has over 15,000 followers on instagram who follow him on his travels around the world.


Femme Solo


Teresa from Ireland had a tough time when coronavirus hit in 2020. She knew that there was more to life and decided she needed to pursue her dreams. With a little help, she converted her van and embarked on an adventure that would enable her to pursue her passion for snowboarding and kitesurfing. Her passionate and candid writing makes a great read.


Wherever The Winds Blow

Wherever the Winds Blow

After 24 years in the army, Tim decided against a conventional life and took to the road to pursue his passion of kitesurfing, fitness and happiness. Tim writes about van conversion tips, how to cook in a campervan and how to maintain fitness on the road. 



Have we missed any good blogs? If so drop us a line and we will add them in!

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