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10 great gift ideas for kitesurfers

Finding a gift for that special person is hard enough...but if you're reading this article, you know one thing, and that is that your friend or loved one is fanatical about kitesurfing!

So what kind of gift do you buy a kitesurfer if you know nothing about kitesurfing?

Here, we've got some fantastic gift ideas that are likely to bring a satisfied smile to the face of any kitesurfer.  

So whether it's a birthday or some other special occasion, check out these 10 awesome gift ideas for kitesurfers:

1. Kitesurfing phone case

Kitesurfing Phone Case | Gifts for KitesurfersThese phone cases are available for a variety of makes and models of phone and feature BPA free plastic and an inspiring full colour design. Not only does it look great but it will protect the phone from dirt and scratches.

2. Kitesurfing tote bag

Kitesurfing Tote Bag | Gifts for Kitesurfers
Lugging all that kite gear to the beach can be hard work, but what if you're on holiday and want to take a book and some snacks with you? These organic tote bags are the perfect eco friendly way of making sure you have all the non-kitesurfing essentials on the beach. They are also perfect for carrying groceries!


3. Kitesurfing t-shirt

Kitesurfing T-shirt | Gifts for Kitesurfers"One can never have too many t-shirts" a wise man once said. These 100% cotton unisex t-shirts come in a variety of fantastic designs and colours - all kitesurfing related. What's more, all of the designs are available in organic cotton.

4. Kitesurfing action camera

Kitesurfing giftsAction cameras have been hugely popular with kitesurfers for some time. There are many variations available but the most popular continues to be the GoPro hero. Make sure you get some mounts so that it can be mounted on either the board, the kite or the kitesurfer! Check out some options here.

5. Kitesurfing Change mat

kitesurfing change matIt doesn't sound very exciting but these change mats can be life changing for a kitesurfer! They simply allow you to strip your wet kit off (without getting your feet dirty) and once all your wet kit is in a pile on the mat, simply pull the drawcord and 'voila!' it's in a neat bundle ready to throw into the back of the car without making a mess.

6. Kitesurfers Changing Poncho

Kitesurfing ponchoAnother seemingly dull gift which is actually an essential item in the kit bag of many-a-kitesurfer. The poncho allows you to strip off your wet kit off whilst staying warm and not exposing yourself to passing dog walkers. Perfect for those that don't have the luxury of a changing room when they come off the beach. Simple but very smart.

9. Kitesurfing Mug





Kitesurfing mug |gifts for kitesurfersWhat did you call me? :-) We haven't yet met anyone that doesn't use a mug; which is what makes these such a crowd pleaser. Available in a variety of kitesurfing related designs, a kitesurfing mug is the perfect treat for those that enjoy a hot beverage after a great day on the water. Or perhaps just in the office on a Monday.

10. Kitesurfing flip flops







Kitesurfing flip flopsAs you can see, we have saved one of the best until last. We love these colourful flip flops that convey the magic of kitesurfing through a colourful and stylish almost feels a shame to put them on your feet! But don't worry, they also look great on the mantlepiece if you want a talking point at your next dinner party.


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